About seminars


Along with training programs, the HEPI offers short seminars of 2-3 days on various themes and topics. The most traditional is Bibliotherapy by Aleksandras Alekseičikas, held in February. Other themes may include existential problems or “givens”, existential philosophy, psychology of crises, etc.

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Existential Therapy

Training programmes

The Introductory Course of Existential Therapy Programme
The 7th group of the Introductory Course will start in February 2021.
The Basic Level of Existential Therapy programme (in Russian)
Applications for the training group of 2021 are no longer accepted. Next group is planned to start early in 2022. Information will be available in January 2021.
The Basic Level of Existential Therapy programme (in English)
The total volume of the course is 566 hours. The studies lasting 2 years comprise 6 seminars of 12-14 days each taking place in Birštonas. They include lectures, seminars, intensive group therapeutic experience, personal therapy, practice of counselling and independent studies.
All teaching is done in English.

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